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Sleipnir: Folklore Part 2

I’m a big Marvel fan, and one of my favorite characters is Loki. Wanting to know the inspiration behinds Marvel’s version of Asgard and the Norse Gods, I did some research. And I found a story that, um, is probably one my favorites from Norse mythology. Sleipnir’s Story Short version. Loki had sex with aContinue reading “Sleipnir: Folklore Part 2”

Selkies: Folklore Part 1

Selkie Movie, The Song of the Sea When I was around 9, I watched Song of the Sea. I was scrolling through Netflix, looking for something to watch when something caught my eye. A girl with jet black hair wore a white fur coat and stood on a rock surrounded by seals. I clicked onContinue reading “Selkies: Folklore Part 1”

Ello’ Humans, I’m Bobbie

Ello! My name is Bobbie and I’m just your average non binary bookworm in love with retro things. This blog is going to be where I put my writing. I will also post about things close to me. I’m an introvert which means human interaction is weird. I have an obsession with cats, books, plants, andContinue reading “Ello’ Humans, I’m Bobbie”

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